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Morg and I are back from Hawaii. It was amazing. I’ll spare you the details.

Hopefully we can start creating originals soon. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

 - Bitty

Hawaii and Originals

Morgan and I (Briton) will be gone for a weeklong family vacation in Hawaii. After we return (hopefully not too soon… =P) we will begin creating originals. This will be a very exciting venture for us because until now we have been playing numerous covers.

The flights should give me time to write some new material that we can apply to some stuff Caleb and Max come up with. Anyhow, from Briton and Morgan, aloha!


YouTube Vids

We’ve got a couple covers posted on YouTube, and will be adding some more soon. Check ‘em out below.

Driving Naked on YouTube

Driving Naked on Myspace


Say It Ain’t So

When You Were Young


New pictures have been added in the gallery section of our site. We’ll have more up this weekend including pictures of our first show, and also some video soon.

- Bitty


Thanks for visiting our site! Driving Naked is a norman-based rock band. We’ll be posting videos and original music soon, stay tuned!

- Bitty


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